Breastfeeding Caddy


A key part to ensuring each feed is successful are the breastfeeding essentials I have within arms reach. My breastfeeding caddy is stocked with everything I need for each feed & some things I ‘may’ need for each feed.

Having these items on hand make it less stressful especially with 2 active toddlers around. It means I can feed, burp, change and wrap Bub while ensuring I am looking after myself during feeds too.

The items I have on hand are:

  • Breastfeeding pillow 🤱🏼; this ensures I’m supporting my body & Maddy as best as possible. Having her in a good position also eliminates the gulping & wind she gets post-feed.
  • Water bottle 💧; I have a 500ml water bottle on hand to ensure I am drinking a good amount each day. I also have 5 other full bottles in the fridge for easy exchange/ replacement when needed throughout the day. Water intake is a key factor for maintain milk supply. 
  • Milky Goodness Lactation Cookies. 1 box lasts me around 6-8 days. I tend to have 2 cookies a day but some days I only have 1. Choc chip is my go to flavour 🍪🍪 again another item that is vital for maintaining a strong milk supply. 
  • Nappies, Wipes & Nappy Bags; almost every feed includes a nappy change. 6 nappies tend to get me through the ‘busy’ times of the day.
  • Hand Sanitizer & Bepanthen Cream; some times nappy changes can be messy 🤢💩  
  • Wrap; I swap between the Snuggle Hunny Kids jersey & muslin wraps. Just depending on the weather each day. The Jersey wrap is super stretchy and allows me to wrap Maddy so well there is no way she is wriggling out.
  • Reusable Breastpads; always keep a spare pair of my reusable breastpads on hand. These beautiful designs are available online
  • Spare Clothes; Bonds Wondersuit is my absolute favourite & ‘go-to’ outfit. So easy for nappy changes & pure convenience. A spare body suit & singlet. Sometimes Maddy has a hefty surprise for me that requires new clothes 🤣🤣
  • Burp Cloth; Kmart has a handy 12packs of cloth nappies that double as wonderful burp clothes.

All of these items fit nicely into my breastfeeding caddy which is situated in my comfy breastfeeding spot in the lounge room. I would say 70% of our breastfeeds happen in this exact spot.




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