Breastfeeding mum eating lactation cookies

Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers


I just wanted to let you know that since I started eating those deliciously yummy treats you sent my milk supply is going crazy! I started expressing 4 days ago and in 15 mins I expressed 100ml. This morning I expressed for the same amount of time and a whopping 240ml was expressed! THATS MORE THAN DOUBLE! I was freaking out because I mainly BF not bottle and little J had reduced his sucking time from 30/40mins to 20. And I thought he was getting lazy, but I now realize it’s because he doesn’t have to work as hard at the breast because  the flow and supply is so good!


I received my cookies this morning and couldn't wait to try them, they were in my household for a matter of 2 minutes before I ate one and I just wanted to eat more! 100% recommended. I've tried so many biscuits and couldn't stomach them, but these are another story! Thank you!!!


The best damn lactation cookies I have ever had and I've tried a few brands. I love that there are so many different flavour combinations to choose from. The mystery packs are a great idea for a person like me who loves to try new things. I always have a packet in my baby bag now so that I have yummy (and breastfeeding friendly) snacks on the go. You can really tell that they are made with love with every bite you have. Ill be a repeat customer for a long time to come


Ordered two packets of cookies last Sunday, and received it on Tuesday. Was desperately trying anything and everything to increase my milk supply. These cookies helped immensely to increase my supply. And on top of that they are so delicious. Would definitely recommend to all mamas and will be purchasing more in the future


Big thumbs up for me!! Not only are these biscuits super tasty but I found they helped my supply much better than other brands... and I'v tried a few. Really fresh and yummy. Thank goodness they're packaged in pairs or I'd probably eat the whole bag


So yummy!! quick delivery and lovely personal service from Bec who replied to this exhalested mama and reassured me. I ate 4 bikkies straight away they were so good