Breastfeeding mum eating lactation cookies

Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers


I just wanted to let you know that since I started eating those deliciously yummy treats you sent my milk supply is going crazy! I started expressing 4 days ago and in 15 mins I expressed 100ml. This morning I expressed for the same amount of time and a whopping 240ml was expressed! THATS MORE THAN DOUBLE! I was freaking out because I mainly BF not bottle and little J had reduced his sucking time from 30/40mins to 20. And I thought he was getting lazy, but I now realize it’s because he doesn’t have to work as hard at the breast because  the flow and supply is so good!


I first found Milky Goodness a couple of years back with my daughter, but recently having my second child and sickness hindering my supply, I ordered some more. They are still the best milk supporting products on the market, plus there are so many more flavours and options!

I love granola in the morning and the new Raspberry Cookies are my ultimate flavourite. My milk supply certainly increases on the days i consume any of the products. My go to product to help continue my breastfeeding journey. A must have for any mum!


Just had a delivery this morning of four more boxes of bake at home cookies after the first two boxes doubled my milk supply! Ordered late yesterday afternoon and was at my doorstep before 11am this morning.

Have tried to make my own at home lactation cookies but didn't have any success and could feel my supply dropping during this time. very happy with the service, cookies and quick postage!


Absolutely love these cookies. I was sceptical at first. But recently my supply dropped as I am exclusively expressing I started eating the cookies again within 48 hours my supply tripled. I have now ordered more and will continue eating them . and bonus they taste absolutely delicious. i also have a pretty good stash in my freezer now also. thankyou


Absolutely love these biscuits! Stumbled upon them when I was struggling to keep up my milk supply, now I dont have to worry!So delicious and the 2 pack makes it easy for on the go snacking 10/10


1000 out of 10! These delicious, soft and mouth watering cookies are the best. I ordered a mystery box as I couldn’t decide which flavour and didn’t want to get a flavour and not like it but can say there is not a flavour that I didn’t like! I can’t wait to make my next order! My milk supply went from barely 30/40mls to nearly 100mls within 48hours I seen a difference the next day for sure! I look forward to having my special time having a cup of tea and my delicious cookies


7weeks into breast feeding and my milk was drying up so thought I’d give these biscuits a try I ordered them on Sunday night and received them Tuesday. I’ve had 2biscuits a day and my milk is now leaking all the time (only had them for 3days so far)…I highly recommend these biscuits and I’ll definitely be continuing to buy…


Ordered a mystery box around a week ago, absolutely loved all the flavours I got to try in it! Will definitely be ordering some more soon, currently struggling to choose a couple of flavours to get as there’s so many to choose from! Sitting down of a night and enjoying my milky goodness cookies are definitely a perfect way for me to end my day!!!


I am so happy I discovered Milky Goodness before our girl arrived! I ordered the colostrum kit along with the choc chip lactation cookies and both have been *essentials* in my pregnancy and breastfeeding journey!

The cookies have also been great - I used some to help get my colostrum going in the last few weeks of pregnancy and I also took them to the hospital as my post birth snack to encourage my milk to come in as quickly as possible and am confident they definitely helped! Highly recommend