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Milestones in the first 6 months

Milestones in the first 6 months


The first six months of your baby’s life are full of amazing advancements in their development. These advancements are known as milestone.

While every baby is different, here’s a general guide to milestones in the first six months of your baby’s life.

Milestones at 1 month old

By one month of age - eating, sleeping and cuddling are all that really matters to your baby.

They will typically have grown by 700-900gms over their birth weight and will require follow up/growth and wellbeing assessment by their paediatrician or community health nurse.

  • Eyes begin to focus better
  • Loves the sound of your voice
  • Can raise own head when lying on stomach
  • Makes gurgling noises when happy/content
  • Learning to self-soothe

Milestones at 2 Months Old

By two months of age, your baby is growing very quickly and has started to smile!

Babies will typically have a big growth spurt at approximately 6 weeks which may make them fussy and irritable, wanting to feed a lot more!

  • Has discovered own fingers/hands, can grab objects but usually can’t let the object go!
  • Follows you with their eyes
  • Likes bright objects/patterns
  • Has started making a lot more noise and at times seem to be trying to respond to you

Milestones at 3 Months Old

By three months of age, your baby has formed a strong attachment to you, and is smiling a lot!

  • Reaching for objects and sometimes will try put the object in their mouth
  • Able to wave their arms and legs strongly
  • Might start rolling from their front to their back during ‘tummy time’

Milestones at 4 Months Old

By four months of age, your baby is learning to coordinate their body & fine motor skills.

  • Able to pick up objects and put them in their mouth
  • Can now smile, laugh and show excitement when prompted by you
  • Has begun showing other emotions such as frustration and anger

Milestones at 5 Months Old

By five months your baby is developing their behavioural skills, lots of cuddles and kisses!

  • Double their birth weight
  • Learning how to sit up by themselves
  • Showing an interest in your food
  • Learning to mimic mouth sounds you make

Milestones at 6 Months Old

By six months you can usually start introducing solid foods!

  • Can pass objects hand to hand
  • Can roll over and support own head and neck
  • Communicating with you by babbling, singing and squealing

Written by Keryn Thompson, RM & IBCLC (L-301766)


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